In this series, I have explored different interesting geometric forms of book lights including a triangular book light, a rectangular book light and a bookmark book light. 


thought process

Different Orientations of light on the pages of a books

type i: corner book light prototype development

subtractive process


Starting with a triangular solid corner piece that fits the corner of any book.


The surface of the longer edge is removed to help insert it in the corner of a book.


One of the shorter edges is removed in order for the corner piece to move along the length of the book.


A small incline in the top flap of the corner piece ensures a better light distribution across the page.


sketching and quick prototyping

Concept Sketch

final prototype - corner booklight 

A stylish triangular booklight that fits the corner of any book.



type ii: longitudinal edge light design

This rectangular book light can be placed along the edges of a book light and can be slid up and down along the edge.


thought process and sketching


Can be fit along the longer edge of a book. It has a good light spread that illuminates the entire page of a book.


quick prototyping


final prototype - longitudinal edge book light



type iii: bookmark booklight


This booklight is shaped like a bookmark with a long stem. It can easily be inserted between the pages of a book.


concept sketch


This book light is inspired by a book-mark. It has a long triangular flap that can be slid between the pages of a book.


quick prototyping


final prototype - bookmark booklight