An easy to assemble, single-piece foldable cardboard desk designed for the underserved school children in developing nations like India. It is low-cost and can be easily remade any number of times in case of wear and tear.


According to a recent survey by Child Relief and You (CRY), an Indian NGO, 75% of primary and upper primary schools lack basic furniture like benches. Children sit on the floor with their backs hunched for long hours. There is no proper surface to place notebooks and write on. Therefore, it leads to problems like bad handwriting, bad posture and poor eyesight among children.

Photo credits: AP Photo/ Altaf Qadri


Iterations of various forms to identify critical load points and stiffness factors.


Foldesk has a simple 2D geometric template that can be cut and folded to form a 3D sturdy desk. The average life of a Foldesk is 8-10 weeks after which a new one has to be made. It is low cost as it can be made of cardboard. The sizing and the geometry offer stiffness and stability, enabling the cardboard desk to support weights of approximately 4-5 kgs.

folding process

User testing

I ran a test of the product with 4 year old Mikayla who seemed to love her new desk.

product photography