my journey into art & design : A talk at event q.u.i.e.t., Nit tiruchirappalli, 2015.

"Q.U.I.E.T. read as 'Quite Unique Inspiring Enticing Tales' is an initiative by 'MoCtail', the official Master of Ceremony club at the National Institute of Technology, Trichy. QUIET is an initiative to bring together stories, inspiring and enticing, from the campus. 

In this 15 minute talk, I lead the audience into my journey of rediscovering my passion while at engineering school : the little joys that kept me motivated, the hardships I faced that made me stronger, the tough choices that I had to make to pursue my passion and the calming feeling of attaining inner peace that came when I knew I was doing the right thing .


About MakeGlow on UC Davis Radio : Dr. Andy's Poetry and Technology Hour, 2017.

IMG_5394 (1).JPG

To directly tune into the segment where I talk about MakeGlow, go to 30:00.


Panelist on Design Innovation and Entrepreneurship Night, UC Davis, Nov 2017.

Shared my thoughts on design innovation and entrepreneurship with undergraduate students at UC Davis.