teaching experience


Assistant Instructor for Sustainable Design, DES 127B

I co-taught this class with another grad student Emily Harris. In this studio course, we used inquiry, research, and data to inform work that makes environmental impact visible and known, and that inspires behavioral change. We will investigated many of the concepts from 127A (Lifecycle Analysis, humanitarian design, material processes, environmental justice, green energy, and more) both locally on the UC Davis campus and beyond. This course was structured to enable students to use their creative voice to make visible and actionable the environmental behaviors of humans.


Lecture on Key topics relating to sustainability

I had to review key topics related to sustainability and prepared an illustrative document to help get the idea across to students in a light-hearted, fun and engaging manner. Here's the presentation.


Project Upcycle!

In this project, students had to design their own instructables project using upcycled materials. They had to consider materials from the recycling bin, scrap wood from the Davis Design wood shop, Aggie Reuse Store, Aggie Surplus or Davis Thrift Store. Further, they had to design the “How To” info graphics for the project so that they are easy to follow and encourage experimentation. The final projects were posted to the instructables website with photos, descriptive steps, and clear graphics. Here are some student projects.


Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Design DES 001 taught by Prof. James Housefield, UC Davis

As a TA for DES 001, I was assigned two discussion sections with 20 students in each. As a TA, I had to mentor, critique and guide students in their final project. For their final project, students had to prototype a product that would benefit mankind in some kind. Here are some pictures that showcase interesting products.